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My review on Dermasis for Psoriasis

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Dermasis for Psoriasis Treatment

For as long as I could remember my mom had had intermittent bouts of plaque psoriasis showing symptoms on her elbows and knees. She told me it ran in the family, and that her mother and grandmother also had it. I didn’t ever get it while I was young, and was holding out hope that it would skip a generation in my case, but when I was 26 I was disappointed when I woke up one morning to find the telltale signs on my elbows and under my breasts. I was really bummed out about it, but deep down I had known that I would more than likely get it at some point.

I went to the dermatologist and they did everything my mom told me they would, including prescribing the same topical treatment that she uses. Mom told me it reduces her symptoms and keeps them under control, but she still has regular flare-ups.

So I Tried the Cream…

Me with my bff Megan

I used the cream for the next few weeks, and while it did provide some relief, I was hardly satisfied. I really didn’t like have unsightly patches of skin on my elbows, and the area under my breast itched all day long, and was irritated more by my bra.

If this was something I’d just have to deal with I thought I’d go crazy, so I asked my mom about any alternative treatments she’d tried. I should have figured that with her being so old fashioned, she hadn’t even done any research into holistic treatments. To her all of that was just mumbo-jumbo, but I’m a more open minded girl, and I wanted to find some relief. I sure wasn’t going to dismiss alternative treatments without doing some research.

Desperation Sets In

As it happens, one of my old college roommates was really into holistic medicine and alternative treatments, so I hopped on Facebook and wrote her a note explaining all

about my newly discovered psoriasis. The next day she called me and we chatted for a few minutes. I thought she might recommend putting some kind of healing crystals on my skin or something off the wall like that, but she told me there was an ointment called Dermasis that was apparently an effective psoriasis treatment.

I told her the prescription creams the doctor gave me weren’t doing much, but she told me that a lot of people who hadn’t had success with the usual medical treatments got relief from this Dermasis cream.

Nothing to Lose

I have to admit I was a little disappointed when she recommended another topical cream for my psoriasis. I had a hard time imagining that this cream would be any better than the one I was already using—but I wasn’t ready to discount it without a fair shake, so I went to the website and ordered some.

I didn’t even tell my mom I ordered it, as I’m sure she’d tell me it wouldn’t work and that I was wasting my money. Frankly, I was willing to try anything, especially if it was recommended by somebody I know.

Despite my skepticism, I was pretty excited when the Dermasis came in the mail. I kept a positive attitude about it and immediately applied it as per the directions. After a couple days I didn’t seem to notice any difference in my skin condition, and I started to have some serious doubts. What if my mother was right and I’d just have to suck it up and deal with my psoriasis symptoms for the rest of my life?

Patience Patience!

I felt myself start reacting like a drama-queen, so I decided to calm myself down and be reasonable. Nothing was going to get rid of my symptoms in only two days, and it was way too early to tell if the Dermasis was effective or not. I decided to give it a full 10 days of treatment before I came to any conclusions.

By day 6 I was already getting optimistic. My psoriasis was less itchy and not as red as it had been before. By day 10 I had seen even more improvement, and was convinced that Dermasis was really different than the cream I had been using.

I’ve now been using Dermasis for 7 months, and I’m happy to say my psoriasis symptoms have been significantly reduced. I still have dry skin in the same areas, but the huge red and white scales are gone, and it’s hardly noticeable to other people anymore. I can actually wear short sleeves without feeling like a carnival freak! Once she saw my results, I was even able to get my mother to try it and she is experiencing improvements as well.